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Best practices for increasing security on shared hosting ?

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  • Best practices for increasing security on shared hosting ?

    Well, Apart from server security hardening at server level till using a firewall and other important softwares, What other mechanism or policies we can implement to increase the security for shared hosting environment. We often see email passwords getting hacked and being used for spam etc. Your experts advise please.

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    If the cPanel account password is only hacked then it is very easy to change the email accounts password of the user which will lead to the spamming.
    So, to secure the cPanel password we can use the Two-Factor authentication which will secure the account from getting hacked.

    But enabling the 2-factor authentication will only prevent the unauthorised person to access the control panel of the user.
    This doesn't mean that the account will be secure, also the outdated plugins can help the hacker to hack the user's account.

    1. So it is also important to update the plugins and scripts time to time.
    2. Guard your account for getting spams from unrecognised senders.
    3. Don't click on any links in the emails which are sent from the unknown senders.
    4. Try to scan your account in every periodic time.
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