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Why Directadmin is not so popular as compared with cPanel ?

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  • Mahesh Pagare
    There are many reasons behind the popularity of cPanel over DirectAdmin as it is coming with rich features and easy management to help you handle your website account, server, and other systems. cPanel is simple and powerful, along with an intuitive interface that includes management options for preferences, mail, files, logs, security, domains, software and other advanced features.

    DirectAdmin is compatible with limited operating systems such as RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, FreeBSD, and Debian. It high recommends a processor of a least 500 MHz, a minimum 1 GB of memory with a least 2 GB swap memory and 2 GB free space. Besides, for customers who expect high traffic levels, then they need more memory, processor power, and disk space. As well, your server must have 1 IP address; especially, you will need at least 2 IP addresses for DNS control. Whereas cPanel has its unique requirement. It needs a minimum 266 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, and 20 GB hard disk. It supports various operating systems, such as CentOS 5.x &6.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5 & 6, Cloud Linux v5 and v6. As for software, it is completely compatible with KVM, Linux-VServer 2008 Hyper-V, OpenVZ, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Virtuozzo, VMware Server, Xen, Xen Express, and XenServer.

    Pricing is the top concern when people purchase a control panel. DirectAdmin is quite costly, starting at $29/mo for the monthly billing. cPanel comes with 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year billing system, pricing for $200 annually for VPS cost and $425 annually for Dedicated Cost. However, customers can purchase the license from a distributor that always charges for $15 to $20 annually.In addition, many web hosting companies offer with free cPanel.

    cPanel is richer featured than DirectAdmin. It includes a lot of services and advanced features, such as CGI Center, Perl Module, Site Software, PHP peak packages, PHP configuration, Apache Handlers, Image Manager, Network Tools, and so on. Besides, users are allowed to add plugins and modules with easy methods but without any additional cost. By contrast, the cost of DirectAdmin expandability is very high.

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  • Why Directadmin is not so popular as compared with cPanel ?

    Any reason ? why directadmin is not so popular as compared with cPanel ? I see many people prefer using cPanel on their servers for their wordpress hosting websites. Is there any technological advantage of using cpanel over directadmin ? Please advise.