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What Can Front-end Developers Expect From Drupal’s Olivero Theme?

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  • What Can Front-end Developers Expect From Drupal’s Olivero Theme?

    Benefits of Olivero Theme in Drupal 9
    The Olivero theme is intended to give Drupal websites an eye-pleasing view apart from ensuring,
    • Simplicity- declutters by eliminating the colors, effects, and visual elements that make the theme look and feel too heavy.
    • Professional look - encompass all the design elements, for instance, negative space and high contrast, to grab users’ attention.
    • Accessibility- designed with WCAG AA conformity in mind, from functionality to layout, to colors, all components will be accessible for everyone.
    • Flexibility- facilitates Drupal front-end developers with multiple options to choose from - be it button styles, headers, or logo styles to text titles, and many more.
    • Compatibility - supports modern browsers’ features & various engagement modes. The creators have ensured that the theme supports recent Drupal updates and features for websites such as Layout builder, media embeds, second-level navigation, and many more.

    Olivero has become Drupal’s default  front-end theme. This new theme gives everyone a chance to take full advantage of the best Drupal functionalities and to just fall in love with Drupal. Read on to discover more about the new front-end theme’s benefits.