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How to improve wordpress website loading time ?

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  • How to improve wordpress website loading time ?

    How to improve website loading time within 5 seconds ? Please guide.

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    To improve wordpress site performance there are following ways:

    1. Run a WordPress speed test.
    2. Configure a CDN
    3. Limit comments per page
    4. Remove unused media/plugins/themes
    5. Minify CSS, HTML, JavaScript
    6. Clean up your database
    7. Prepare for PHP 7
    8. Optimize images
    9. Enable gzip compression
    10. Start with a lightweight theme
    11. Reconsider shared hosting.

    Hope so this will be helpful.


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      Is there any plugin available for optimizing images and css ? Please guide.


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        Plugin available for optimizing images and css are:

        1. WP Fastest Cache
        2.Cache Enabler
        3.WP Super Cache
        4.WP Super Minify
        5. WP
        6. BJ Lazy Load

        Hope so this will be helpful.


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          To add more to the information.

          There are some of the primary causes of WordPress website going slow, so if they are looked up properly, chances of having a speedy WordPress site increases. The causes are as follows:

          1. Web Hosting server: Your web hosting server should be properly configured to take the configuration done on your website. Server will be the back-end and website will be the front-end, so the both of them should be equally and properly configure to get the optimum benefit.. No matter how much plugins you install to optimise your website, if you back-end is not capable enough it is still going to lack in speed..

          2. WordPress Configuration: A WordPress site should be configured for serving cached pages properly. This will reduce the overload your server experiences causing your website to go slow.

          3. Page Size: The page size should not be high, as more the size the more the processing to be done, ultimately affecting the performance.

          4. Choosing proper Plugins: This is the important part, as poorly-coded plugins do affect the website speed significantly.

          5. Choosing proper theme: The theme you use has most impact on your website. If the theme is lightweight, the website loads faster but if the theme itself is a bit on a heavier side, then more and more optimisation has to be done on it to unless it matches with the theme configuration to boost its performance.

          6. Cache Plugins: Using an effective caching plugin makes a huge difference and by far my favorite is W3 Total Cache.

          7. Image Optimisations: A properly optimised image takes fraction of milliseconds to load making your site responsive quickly..

          8. Optimise your homepage: Keeping your home page optimised will make a huge difference. This is probably the most important part of your site because people will be landing on this page more often.


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            Hi , I have write a detailed article on it. How you can improve your wordpress website.
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