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5 Best MyThemeShop Themes – WordPress Premium Themes


  • 5 Best MyThemeShop Themes – WordPress Premium Themes

    Choosing the best out of a thousand WordPress themes available on the Internet is a challenging task as far as beginner bloggers are concerned. Many bloggers are not aware of the importance of selecting the right theme. It is one of the key aspects of blogging and it contributes to increasing not only revenue but also kindling growth. In this post, we will be discussing some details about the top-rated themes from MyThemeShop.

    If you search online, you will come across thousands of free as well as paid or premium WordPress themes. And, if you talk to any of the professional bloggers, they would recommend that you opt for a premium theme instead of a free theme. This is because premium WordPress themes allow you to customize according to your needs whereas free themes are write protected, meaning you cannot alter the default appearance much.

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    Now, prior to choosing a theme, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions:

    Is your website or blog attractive enough?
    Can you incorporate changes easily all by yourself? Do you have to seek expert help?
    Is the theme you have selected up to your expectation vis-a-vis the price you paid for it?
    Is the selected WordPress theme responsive enough when someone visits your blog or website?

    When it comes to choosing the theme provider, there are several hundreds of them out there offering a wide range of WordPress themes. All of the themes may not provide satisfactory answers to the above question. Therefore, you need to find answers to a few more questions listed below:

    How long have the theme provider been in business?
    Are they popular? Can you trust them?
    How much do the themes cost?
    Are they making a limited time offer or a lifetime offer?
    Will they upgrade the product for free?
    Will the provider add new products and optimize the existing ones?

    The WordPress theme provider that provides satisfactory answers to all these questions is MyThemeShop (MTS). They make available the best WordPress themes. Many bloggers, designers, and entrepreneurs are extensively testing and using their themes. In addition to creating themes, MTS nurtures each one of them so that bloggers around the world can use them without any kind of hassles.

    MTS offers more than a hundred themes categorized under sections such as Blogs, Business, Magazine, and e-Commerce, among others.

    The key features of the themes offered by MyThemeShop are:

    SEO optimized
    In-built advertisement management system
    100 percent responsive
    500+ fonts
    Built using Google forms
    Video tutorials
    Proper documentation
    Themes are created using CSS3 markup and HTML5
    Unlimited colour schemes
    Built-in shortcodes
    Author bio box
    Compatibility with most browsers
    Fast loading of pages
    Smartphone friendly
    Built-in icons for social sharing
    Options for uploading Favicon and Logo


    Having said so much about the MTS, here are the top 5 premium WordPress themes offered by them:

    #1: MyThemeShop Theme – Authority

    This theme which enables you to build your blog’s authority and trust has been bagged a rating of 4.9 on 5. Authority theme is named after the blog of Mathew Woodward, which generates a six digit income. If you ask a designer to create such a theme, you will have to shell out at least $200.


    Supports multiple languages
    Optimized for search engines and speed

    #2: MyThemeShop Theme – Schema

    Schema, the fastest WordPress theme, has all the features offered by MyThemeShop. This iconic theme is MyThemeShop’s most popular theme. It will help your blog or site to rank higher in Google search.


    100 percent responsive
    Ultrafast loading of page
    SEO Ready
    CSS3 and HTML5 ready
    Built-in review system
    Powerful option panel

    #3: MyThemeShop Theme – Sensational

    This theme converts an average blog into a great one. It allows you to change the colour scheme and layout style so that you can customize your blog or website. This is the best theme for beginners.


    Multiple layouts
    Responsive layout
    Options panel is user-friendly
    Unlimited colour schemes and backgrounds
    Optimized for ad-sense
    Custom widget and dashboard design

    #4: MyThemeShop Theme – Point Pro

    This theme is for professionals and it comes with a more responsive design.


    Drag and drop capability
    Slider section
    Blog feed and gallery
    Woo commerce
    Optimized for search engines

    #5: MyThemeShop Theme – Best

    This amazing theme comes with an engaging design and is fluid responsive. In addition to loading your blog very fast, it allows you to customize your blog as much as you want. Moreover, it boasts of a review system.


    Optimized for search engines
    Fully responsive
    Video tutorials
    Several shortcodes included
    Floating type navigation menu
    Supports all browsers
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