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What is CloudLinux ?

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  • What is CloudLinux ?

    What is cloudlinux ? And how does it works with cpanel server. What are the advantages of using cloudlinux on cpanel based server ?

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    Cloudlinux Operating system installs a new kernel on cPanel web hosting server. It improves stability, efficiency and security of the web server. It's quite difficult to manage 1000's of domains on a server for a server administrator. Cloudlinux provides an interface to view and limit resource usage to each and every account on the server.

    Vulnerability on one website can cause high load on the server, bringing all the other websites down. Cloudlinux helps to avoid such downtime situations. You may blindly rely on Cloudlinux OS as it has been designed in a way to stabilize the server by limiting the resource usage, means allocating limited CPU, memory, disk I/O, process entry limit.

    CageFS is one of the very effective feature of Cloudlinux that encapsulates an user account by preventing it from interfering other accounts on the server , helping to reduce hacking attempts or attacks on the server. Cloudlinux also provide Multiple PHP versions to choose from.

    It is must recommended to have Cloudlinux on your cPanel server if you are concerned about users information on the server and want to provide a secure stable server on which a clients can reply on.


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      What is cloudlinux ?
      It is a Linux-based and essentially it is a set of kernel modifications to provide features to enable resource allocation, user isolation, which is important on Shared server, so no two accounts has any impact of overabuse of other.

      How does it works with cpanel server?
      Basically, CloudLinux provides isolation to the users into separate LVE called as Lightweight Virtualized Environment which is used to limit resource usage like CPU, virtual memory, etc. CloudLinux essentially provies cage-like structure for users and resource allocation can be given within that cage, so it limites to that cage..

      What are the advantages of using cloudlinux on cpanel based server ?
      Some of the major advantages are as follows:
      1. Server Stablity - Resource limitation per user reduces the risk of sudden spikes of resource abuse by any user.
      2. Server Security - Since it isolate users in "cages" the security increases in th way that the users only have access to limited and safe files and their own processes, and cannot see other users on the server.
      3. Server Performance - Per-user resource allocation and limits set for CPU, memory, and IO reduces the server loads/abuse.
      4. Secured & Hardened Kernel - Kernel level protection to avoid overhead security risks.
      5. Multiple version of PHP - Provies multiple PHP version from the oldest version 4 to most recent PHP versions..
      6. MySQL Performance - CloudLinux also provies a feature package called as "MySQL Governor" which helps to pinpoint SQL abusers.