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Imunify agent is not running (Imunify360)

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  • Imunify agent is not running (Imunify360)

    Having the Imunify service installed, you may come across the situation when the message "Imunify agent is not running" is displayed when you try to access the Dashboard:

    Error screenshot:

    Steps to resolve the issue:
    - Check the service status: service imunify360 status (If service is stopped then 'start the service using 'service imunify360 start')
    - If everything is normal then restart the service: service imunify360 restart and then check Imunify360 in WHM interface again:

    If issue remains the same, then rebuilding the Imunify360 files will be necessary. Stop the Imunify360 service, move aside one of its directories, and then start the service back up:

    # service imunify360 stop
    # mv -v /var/imunify360/files /var/imunify360/files_backup
    # service imunify360 start
    If issue remains the same then you will need to check the folder permission of 'files' folder which is located under: /var/imunify360

    This folder (files) must need to set as: 0775
    # cd /var/imunify360
    # chmod 0775 files
    # chown root.root files
    Once you updated the folder permission, please restart the Imunify360 service using 'service imunify360 restart' command and then check WHM - Imunify360 interface again. This will surely resolve the issue and Imunify360.

    You can check the logs of 'Imunify360' service under: /var/log/imunify360/error.log
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