Error on Imunify 360 dashboard: Enable native brute-force protection module for Dovecot to protect against IMAP/POP3 services attacks.

Solution: Dovecot native brute force protection module improves stability and resolves issues that standard PAM caused in some cases The following commands can be used to control the Dovecot native module.

imunify360-agent config update '{"PAM": {"enable": true, "exim_dovecot_protection": true}}'
Disable (default state)
imunify360-agent config update '{"PAM": {"enable": false, "exim_dovecot_protection": false}}'
In order to apply new settings in the /etc/pam_imunify/i360.ini, run the following command:
systemctl restart imunify360-pam
The notification will disappear after a while, as these warnings are updated once a day. You can check this official link of IMUNIFY 360 for more information:
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