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  • Migration on Cloud

    Though with lots of advertisements from multiple cloud platforms that cloud technology is cost-effective than on-premises or traditional infrastructure, can you please explain how much it will cost to migrate an enterprise application or infrastructure on the cloud?

    Is it costly? If yes, then rather going for migration on the cloud, I'll try to upgrade my on-premises infrastructure hardware..!

    Also, Is there any downtime while migrating the current infrastructure on the cloud?
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    Almost all business ventures today are dependent on technology, and many companies are technology firms. IT infrastructure requirements change as a company grows and expands. Businesses are looking for ways to scale their infrastructure in order to meet rising demand. Scaling conventional on-premises IT infrastructure, on the other hand, is costly. You'll need to purchase and maintain new hardware, as well as upgrade your software and train your employees.
    Namely, there are three cloud service models in the market. PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS are the frames available for business applications.
    The Three Cloud Service Models (PaaS, SaaS, IaaS): Here’s How You Can Choose The Right One for Your Business!