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What is EC2 Instance and how its different from VPS ?

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  • What is EC2 Instance and how its different from VPS ?

    What is EC2 instance on AWS cloud and how its different from VPS which we call as Virtual private server ?

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    This is a very vast topic that can be discussed for long time. Here is some of my input to it.

    Amazon EC2 provides a scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud. Its similar to a VPS, but is more reliable because it is made highly available in the Amazon's Cloud Infrastructure.

    VPS are the cheap alternatives for a dedicated server where a dedicated server is virtually divided into small servers called virtual private servers. It has dedicated resources to it, but they are mostly on single hardware node and depends on hardware node capabilities in some scenarios.

    Just like a normal VPS, AWS offers more advance instance which they called in as Elastic computer cloud, basically deployed in an infrastructure backed up with many servers making it more reliable in terms of availability as they are on the servers that are clustered for higher availability which in short can be referred as cloud.

    VPS can be cheap and AWS EC2 instance are slightly higher in cost, which is obvious considering the highly available and security feature they have incorporated in their complete cloud infrastructure.