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SolusVM or Virtualizor ? Which one is better

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  • SolusVM or Virtualizor ? Which one is better

    I am aware that both control panels are providing virtualization services with different hypervisors such as Openvz/Xen and KVM. License pricing wise also both are very close and have some really good offerings, But what are the pros and cons of each software ? Which one is better to use and why ? Lot of customers are preferring to use Solusvm because its a old software with some good advance features, however recently virtualizor is also coming up with some good features. I can say Softaculos guys are doing a good job here and the support is also good.

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    This is one such area where there has been competition a lot.. SolusVM is the oldest among both, but virtualizor new, but not novice especially looking at the development so far they have made... A tough competition between two of them..

    SolusVM has a Master-Slave type of architecture, where the Master only support OpenVZ in virtualization and Slave has capacity to support OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM.. So, an extra cost of Master server has to be bared, but good thing is that Master can be installed on a VPS also and hosted inside one of the slave too if you want, but that only complicates infrastructure architecture..

    However, Virtualizor, on the other hand, have overcome this, so you can have all virtualization technology on all the servers (Master as well as Slave)..

    License Cost:
    When licenses are compared, both of them are almost in the same range, but for SolusVM if you have only one server and you want Xen and KVM on it, then you will have to purchase 2 licenses, one for master and the other will be slave (in complex architecture).. On the other hand, with virtualizor, you only have to take one license, as its master support all virtualization technology.

    Multiple Virtualization:
    This is something that the SolusVM lacks and virtualizor gained upper hand on it.. Virtualizor support multiple virtualization technology on a single server, which is kind of new and exciting..

    Ease of Use:
    Both of them have a good UI for doing all the stuffs..

    Product Support:
    Virtualizor has upper hand in providing support compared to the SolusVM..

    Click image for larger version

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    Both of the panels are the best in their own way and zone.. It is only matter of choice what you prefer..
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      Yes i agree virtualizor have upper hand in providing end user support which makes its more preferable against solusvm.