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Key Advantages Of Choosing React Js For Web Applications

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  • Key Advantages Of Choosing React Js For Web Applications

    React JS:

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    1. Easy to learn and Easy To Use:

    React JS is very easy to learn, If you are familiar and you know Javascript then it takes only few days to learn ReactJS.
    React JS is very easy to learn and use because it comes with the documentation of tutorials.

    2. Reusable Components:

    Each components has its own logic and control its own rendering and can be re-used anwhere to build or whereever you need them.
    Code re-use helps makes your app easier to develop and easy to maintain.

    3. The Virtual DOM:

    Develop an app that has a lot of user interaction and data updates, you have to carefully consider how your app structure is going to impact performance.
    React Js uses its abstract copy – the Virtual DOM. It updates changes applied by the user but doesn’t affect other parts of the interface.

    4. It’s Easier to Write with JSX

    JSX is really a mix of Javascript and HTML.
    JSX lets you add bits of HTML to your JavaScript.
    ReactJs uses JSX. It’s a syntax extension, which allows mixing HTML with JavaScript. It has a number of side benefits, including helping prevent injection attacks.

    5.Developer Tools:

    Using New Technologies can be fun only if you can actually use them in the development environment.
    React Developer Tools, available for Chrome and Firefox, is a browser extension for React. It allows you to inspect the React component hierarchies in the virtual DOM.